Robert's Sabbatical last year in Portugal

Robert and Christine Bell will be using Robert's sabbatical opportunity to join James and Heather Cochrane in the northern Portuguese city of Porto, where they are involved in a church planting project called Commuidade Pedras Vivas - the community of living stones  - in partnership with the small Christian Presbyterian Church of Portugal.

Much of the work involves building contacts and connections in the community - through youth activities, women's groups, English classes etc, through which they look for opportunities to show and share the  gospel.

Robert and Christine hope to support and assist the Cochranes in this work, despite their lack of language skills, and to be encouragers to them as mission family.

At the same time Robert is looking forward to the opportunity to reading and thinking about the challenges facing the Christian church. in much of Europe - which is increasingly secular and where the Christian church is not as much of an influence as it once was.

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