God, I’ve got a question

GOD, I've got a question

Have you ever wanted to grab a Christian, sit them down in the hot seat and grill them mercilessly on the tough questions about God, the Bible and the world?  There are tricky questions that everyone asks, like ‘Why does God allow suffering?’ and ‘How can a God of love send people to hell?’  Maybe you are not even certain God exists.

Ballyclare Presbyterian Church aims to explore these BIG questions in November with two events offering something for everyone in our community.


Saturday 19th November

Come along at 9am and enjoy a cooked breakfast before having the opportunity to ask your own big questions in a non-threatening way.  If you don’t believe God exists, or there is something about Christian faith you are just not sure about, this is the event for you.  We would love to see you and your friends, male or female, young or old, share in this interactive session. Tickets (£2) for this breakfast event are available.

Sunday 20th November

Our evening service at 6.30pm will be something special, a real opportunity for the Christians in our community to come together and equip themselves with the armour, and answers, to speak up for Christianity in our increasingly secular society.  With Christian faith under attack and apparently in decline, Dr David Glass will use 1 Peter to redress the balance.  What are your reasons for hope?  Does belief in God make sense?  What are the challenges to the Christian faith today?  There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the service while enjoying some light refreshments.

At ‘God, I’ve Got a Question’, Dr David Glass will give straightforward, no-nonsense answers from the Bible to all our burning questions.  If you have ever wished you could have your question about God answered, or perhaps people ask you questions and you’re not sure what to say, then this weekend is for you.  We often hear that life is for living, but what is the reason for the life within?  Ballyclare Presbyterian Church aim to make this very clear with this special weekend of potentially life changing events.

For more Information or breakfast tickets please contact Ballyclare Presbyterian Church Office Tel: 028 9334 03902

Dr. David Glass

Dr. David Glass is a member of Glenabbey Church where he is involved in the apologetics team. He is a lecturer in the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Ulster where he does research on topics at the interface between computing and philosophy. He has also written a book entitled, Atheism’s New Clothes: Exploring and exposing the claims of the New Atheists”, published in 2012. Originally from Armagh, he now lives in Greenisland with his wife Cathy and their six children.

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