Our Church

About our church

Need an attractive and fairly short description of why our church exists and what its purpose is

Ballyclare Presbyterian Church

Our Calling:

Through Jesus Christ, all people, everywhere, matter immensely to God. Therefore our Calling is to respond to his amazing commitment by becoming wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ ourselves, and by helping other people to do the same.

We do this by being :

  1. A people committed to Christ, giving glad priority to worship and to maturing discipleship.
  2. A people committed to each other as a supportive church family that is for all ages and backgrounds.
  3. A people committed to our local community, through caring involvement and convincing witness.
  4. A people committed to the whole Church of Jesus Christ, primarily through our place in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
  5. A people committed to the wider world, with its contemporary issues, its cries for practical help, and its urgent need to hear the Gospel of Christ.

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