Abaana New Life Choir info

Abaana New Life Choir is coming to Ballyclare Presbyterian Church! See below for venue information and how you can help both practically and financially.

  1. Abaana New Life Choir are coming to sing at the Friday morning Crosslink café (Friday 29th March 10:30am -12 noon) and the money raised that morning will go towards the Abaana Team project to build a school kitchen.
  2. The Abaana New Life Choir Concert is being held in Church on Saturday 30th March at 7.pm. 20 children have travelled from Uganda to share their stories through song and dance. This is not a ticket event so please come early to get your seats. Money raised from the offering  at  this concert will go directly to support the work of the choir /Abaana projects. We’d like the Church to be filled for this event.
  3. Heather Knox would like to meet with the people who have kindly offered to host members of the Abaana Choir. There will be a short meeting after Church on Sunday 10th March in the CrossLink Cafe to bring you up to date with arrangements and to answer any questions you might have.
  4. Dingbats Fireside Quiz – quiz sheets are available from members of the Abaana team travelling to Uganda in July 2019.  £1 donation will support the kitchen building project and street work being carried out during this trip. 

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